Home...School...Enterprise...Licensing for Every Need!

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Home...School...Enterprise...Licensing for Every Need!

Bytes of Learning meets home, school, district, enterprise and community needs by offering a full range of licensing options. Let our sales team identify the best solution for you by requesting a quote. All licenses described here may be purchased online, immediately or by requesting a custom product just for you!

New subscription licensing is available for UltraKey desktop and online formats, for school and home!

Home Use Subscriptions

School and Home Use Subscriptions

Cloud-based Record Keeping

UltraKey Online

Permanent licensing is still available as follows...

Home Licensing

The UltraKey Home License permits up to 8 family members to use UltraKey on up to 3 family computers. UltraKey may be installed on Windows and Mac computers. The software may be downloaded from the Internet to each computer or laptop. Home licensing does not permit school or other public performance.

To provide home licensing to parents and students at substantially reduced costs, see The Take It Home Bonus Program and The School Link Program. Also see Home Use Subscriptions.

School Licensing

Single station school licenses permit an unlimited number of records to be kept while using the UltraKey software on one workstation. The teacher may install the software on a teacher workstation too.

Multi-station licenses include network use. The UltraKey program can be installed on and operated from network application servers, terminal servers and workstations as the school deems appropriate. Unlimited site licenses allow unlimited use throughout the site but not off-site. The site is normally defined as the school, department, or building, whichever is less. Unlimited site licenses are not available to secondary, post-secondary, or non-school environments.

Licensing is not concurrent. As many station-licenses must be purchased as there are stations on which the software may be used within the site.

Network licensing is included with all multi-station licenses. The UltraKey client is compatible with application servers and terminal servers. UltraKey provides the ultimate data and learning management using the UltraKey Data Server software, which communicates with UltraKey using Internet protocol (IP) over any LAN, WAN or the Internet. Teachers can review class progress and change settings anywhere at school or home. Also see Cloud-based Record Keeping.

Laptop Initiative licenses permit schools to install UltraKey on school-owned laptops. Students may take the laptops home and use UltraKey at home. Laptop Initiative licensing includes UltraKey's unique IP-based technology to collect performance data and manage learning wherever the student is learning.

Teachers may install the UltraKey program on teacher workstations at school and at home. Teacher installations are not counted in the license scope.

All UltraKey licenses are cross-platform. UltraKey may be installed or used on any combination of Windows and Macintosh workstations as long as the total installation does not exceed the license.

One-year licenses are available to fit limited budgets.

All other licenses are permanent and include free technical support and updates.

District and Enterprise Licensing

Districts and enterprises can license UltraKey by the station or by the school. 100 stations minimum or 2 sites.

All district and enterprise licenses include the UltraKey Data Server Software. A single installation of the server software can serve all the schools in a large school district.

The combination of the UltraKey instructional software and the UltraKey Data Server software means districts and enterprises can achieve low-cost centralized data management while leaving classroom instruction management in the teachers' hands. Also see Cloud-based Record Keeping.


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