New! Home Use Subscriptions for UltraKey

February 05, 2015 by Art Willer #UltraKey home use subscription0

New! Home Use Subscriptions for UltraKey


Schools and districts using the desktop format of UltraKey, are delighted to know their students can continue learning to type at home with UltraKey for only 99 cents per user, per year! (150 users minimum). To order, click the image or order now.

Schools and districts who own site-based permanent licenses for UltraKey now get UltraKey at home for this incredibly low price.

Once UltraKey is installed at home, students log into their school-based records exactly as they do at school. This means everything they do at home is automatically recorded to their school record, and all the controls and custom content teachers have put in place for the classroom are active in the student's home copy of UltraKey.

Districts have the option of enabling their district-based installation of the UltraKey Data Server software for home login with total security assured. Or, they can opt to keep all their records on the UltraKey Cloud.

With a home-use subscription, Bytes of Learning provides support directly to home users. Amazingly, little support is actually needed! When a large school district recently enrolled over 4,000 UltraKey home users, only 2 technical help calls were received!

In 2016, UltraKey will be available in an online format, designed to be fully web-based. See UltraKey Online.

To get started with home use now, please request a quote or place your order.


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