New! UltraKey Cloud for Record Keeping

April 05, 2014 by Art Willer #UltraKey Cloud records storage0

New! UltraKey Cloud for Record Keeping

Image of UltraKey in the clouds.

UltraKey now keeps records anywhere you want -- the local computer, a locally operated server, or the UltraKey Cloud.

Keeping records on the UltraKey Cloud means we do all the record keeping for you! With no need to access your school's server or worry about data storage, you and your students can enjoy the benefits of UltraKey more than ever.

And the UltraKey Cloud is not expensive! For only $100 per school per year (up to 500 users per school), Bytes of Learning and the UltraKey Cloud take care of your data.

Of course you still receive our excellent customer service and technical support at no extra charge. Many schools are already using this trouble-free record service right now!

With the UltraKey Cloud, students can log into their school records from home, getting the maximum benefit from UltraKey. See New! Home Use Subscriptions for UltraKey.

The Cloud is automatically included when schools subscribe for school and home subscriptions. See New! School and Home Subscriptions for UltraKey.

For pricing to match your needs, please request a quote. Feel free to add any special requests to your submission.

If you need help choosing the licensing and services you need, please contact us. We will recommend the best pricing and license model for you.


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