Typing Forum Goes Live in UltraKey Online; District-wide Test Reports

April 26, 2017 by Art Willer #UltraKey Online Typing Forum Testing Free Typing0

UltraKey Online has been advancing its capabilities since 2014. In its previous release in March, 2017, the media-rich online typing instruction application was enhanced for iPads, and final Chromebook touch-ups had been implemented.

Further enhancements have been completed in all areas of the application, but the largest and latest release is the Typing Forum.

The Typing Forum is the arena where students can test their skills in real typing challenges up to 5 minutes in length. The UltraKey product line remains the only keyboarding instruction software that measures typing accuracy to the character level even when complex errors occur in user typing.

UltraKey Online applies international standards, yielding net typing speed measures that are certifiable for academic and workplace purposes. Accurate typing analysis is also critical to typing improvement recommendations and remedial practice when repeated sequencing errors are detected.

Typing Forum also offers the popular Free Typing tool that lets students compose freely just like they are using a word processor. The emulation of word processing ensures that typing skills learned in UltraKey Online, transfer to the everyday situation. A nifty new feature lets typists copy their latest free typing work to the clipboard so they can carry on their writing in any other program just by pasting from the clipboard.

Educators and other subscribers will be especially pleased with the range of reports now available. UltraKey produces reports in PDF documents that are clean and clearly organized so even the youngest users can understand them. The reports explain how international standards are applied, and they show how the user's performance is determined starting with gross speed, and ending with a net speed.

Now student users have immediate access to their learning progress record, details of their last skill check, their typing test record, details of their last typing test, and a report on their last free typing activity.

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Post-blog Update: Within a day of the new release, we implemented an adjustment that makes sure the user's record has been updated before the results screen is displayed. Thanks to customers for promptly reporting error messages when they occured! The user guide is live and the manager guide will be live shortly. Up Next -- Game Zone!

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