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March 24, 2017 by Art Willer #UltraKey Online iPads0

The latest release of UltraKey Online, build 85, has been released for all current subscribers, and trial subscribers, automatically adapting to the iPad platform.

In the process of research, Bytes of Learning has added other useful elements to the UltraKey Online application now playing on Mac, Windows, Chromebook and iPad devices using any HTML5 compliant browser such as Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and Edge.

Keyboard Responsive

UltraKey Online teaches keyboarding skill. To encourage users to keep their hands on the keyboard, and to rehearse different points of instruction, the program asks the user to strike keys or complete keyboarding exercises. Like other mobile devices, the iPad only expects keyboard input when a form is being filled, or a message is being composed. UltraKey Online works around this limitation, enabling users to operate the application as if they are operating a conventional computer.

Menus are also operable by keyboard on the iPad, with the exception that arrow keys and the Escape key cannot be sensed under any condition.

Physical Keyboard Required

UltraKey Online can be operated using the virtual screen keyboard, but the program does not teach tap-typing. A physical keyboard must be used for instructional effect. In practice, people who have excellent touch-typing skills, readily transfer those skills when an on-screen keyboard is used.

Starts and Presents like an Installed iPad Application

UltraKey Online is a web-based application, so the app does not have the same local control as an installed iPad application has. However, for all intents and purposes, UltraKey Online operates like it is an installed app, which gives customers decided advantages! There is no installation to complete, and no subsequent updates to download.

For security reasons, iPads intervene with javascript functions. This is not the case when the user starts the web-based application using a home-screen link. Additionally, when UltraKey Online is started this way, the app presents just like an installed application. Surrounding browser controls are eliminated, allowing the app to take full advantage of the iPad screen.

UltraKey Online link is like any other iPad app link.

To make setup easy, UltraKey Online directs the user to make the home-screen startup link on first login. Thereafter, startup is as easy as tapping any other app’s home screen link. Customers can pre-install startup links using their mobile device manager.

Given home-screen linking is so easy to establish with Safari, and since other browsers don’t operate so naturally within the iPad environment, UltraKey Online refuses to operate under any iPad browser but Safari. On any other platform, UltraKey Online is compatible with any HTML5-compliant browser.

Adapts to the iPad Screen

The instructional interface of UltraKey Online is designed for a 9:4 HD screen but the user can immediately adapt it to the iPad’s 4:3 screen ratio by tapping the control bar slider. Then the learning area is entirely presented. To access the control bar, just tap the slide bar again.

UltraKey Online has a slider that closes and opens the control bar.      UltraKey Online has a slider that closes and opens the control bar.

Always Remembers on the iPad

The iPad appears to be a multi-tasking environment. In reality, when a user flips back to the home screen and starts another application, the previous application is closed. The appearance of multi-tasking is maintained because, when a user returns to a previous application, the app appears to be in the state it was left in only because it remembers that state when it is re-started. Web-based applications don’t remember their state unless they are told to.

Using cookies, UltraKey Online now offers a remember-me option that lets users re-visit the online application and resume almost exactly where they left off even without having to log in.

On the iPad, UltraKey Online always remembers – it is not an option. When a user requests a progress report, which causes the iPad to open its PDF reader, the UltraKey Online application is actually closed. When the user closes the reader and returns to UltraKey Online, the app automatically “walks” the reader back to where they left by starting at the welcome screen, presenting the instruction, closing the control bar, and resuming wherever the report was requested.

Runs Really Well!

Bytes of Learning is very pleased to achieve the full UltraKey experience on the iPad. The previous release, which focused on Chromebook use and delivered smoother operation, has paid dividends with the iPad experience. Movies and animation look stunning. The voice and sound effects are extremely clear. With reasonable Internet connection speed, the flow of instruction is totally awesome.

Manager dashboard controls are just as easily operated on the iPad as they are on any other computing platform.

Customers Offer Great Suggestions

UltraKey Online continues to be guided by the excellent advice of longstanding customers and others who are all finding their way forward. In a world where the Internet is opening up possibilities, the opportunities are accompanied by challenges too.

To submit your suggestions, please start a conversation. << link needed

Customers Say the Price and Value are Excellent – Save by Subscribing Soon

Customers are telling us they are very pleased with the pricing of UltraKey Online, and the value they receive for their dollar.

UltraKey Online provides unlimited flexibility for schools, districts and enterprises to use it. The cost is calculated using two input variables only: how many student seats do you need, and for how many years do you need them? Customers save big when they purchase multiple years.

We have already provided a 50%-off savings to customers who renew from 2016. That becomes an even bigger savings when they renew for multiple years.

New subscribers get immediate use of UltraKey Online, even though the subscription ends no ealier than June of the anniversary year!

Save even more right now by ordering by April 30, 2017. Get 10% off (after other discounts), no matter how large the subscription!

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