Davis Keyboarding Challenge Shows Great Typing Instruction

April 15, 2015 by Art Willer #Davis School District Keyboarding Challenge competition excellence0

Davis Keyboarding Challenge
Shows Great Typing Instruction 

Are you looking for a way to promote keyboarding excellence?

For five years running, Bytes of Learning has been proud to sponsor the Davis School District's Annual Keyboarding Challenge in Farmington, Utah.

Under the leadership of Holly Handy, the district’s typing instructors have achieved amazing results by operating this annual keyboarding competition. It isn’t just the competition that generates the results -- it's the enthusiasm for learning that occurs throughout the district.

Read details about how Holly’s team operates the keyboarding challenge in this article published by SEEN Magazine:


See for yourself the high standards for keyboarding skill that have emerged. Watch the event in action by clicking the image below (9 minutes):



As an update, the 2015 District Champion scored a cool 101 net words per minute! The District record is 106 net words per minute. Holly welcomes contacts by fellow professionals. Find her at Davis School District in Farmington, Utah.

We are happy to discuss how you can use UltraKey for your own keyboarding challenge. Please write us.

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