QuickTime-free UltraKey 6 Released for Windows

February 26, 2017 by Art Willer #UltraKey QuickTime Removed0

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The release of QuickTime-free UltraKey 6
How the Removal of QuickTime has Changed UltraKey 6
How To Update Your Copy of UltraKey
Why We Lament the Departure from QuickTime


Bytes of Learning is pleased to have posted a QuickTime-free version of UltraKey 6 build for Windows. The revised UltraKey program can be downloaded without charge, by any customer who owns an UltraKey 6 License.

Last year, Apple Computer announced it was no longer supporting QuickTime for Windows. IT columnists and even the US government told all PC users to immediately remove QuickTime. It was as if Quicktime had turned into a virus overnight, and was just waiting to attack our computers!

Bytes of Learning responded as a voice of reason, pointing out the low levels of actual risk and how to actually eliminate the risk without removing QuickTime altogether. See: https://www.bytesoflearning.com/blog/quicktime-vulnerability-and-ultrakey?send_to=%2Fblog

Bytes of Learning released a QuickTime-safe installation of UltraKey that installed the QuickTime system capability, while removing the QuickTime Player and the QuickTime plugin, which were the vulnerable components. See: https://www.bytesoflearning.com/blog/quicktime-safe-installers-released-for-ultrakey-for-windows?send_to=%2Fblog

Since then, an increasing number of customers have reported difficulties, either because their school district or enterprise had removed QuickTime from their computers, or security software was interfering due to the presence of QuickTime. Clearly, the tide was flowing against QuickTime and this was inconveniencing customers.

To relieve all further QuickTime issues, Bytes of Learning has now released a completely QuickTime-free UltraKey 6, build


How the Removal of QuickTime has Changed UltraKey 6

The removal of QuickTime use in UltraKey, required us to redesign sections where videos play inside the application, particularly the Fingers and Posture modules. In the new release, all movies are played by clicking buttons that load videos using the computer’s default browser. The videos are all installed with the software, so UltraKey can still be operated standalone without any Internet connection required. The playing experience is quite enjoyable and all movies can be played full-screen when desired.

None of the instructional value of UltraKey has been compromised. The program’s superior animated instruction never used QuickTime, so UltraKey instruction is as effective as ever.

Instead of using ‘.mov’ videos with ticker tips on or off, the program now includes ‘.mp4’ videos which play with equal quality but take far less disk space. Consequently, the size of the application installation has been reduced from about 960 MB, to about 350MB, making it easier to download, and faster to operate. Since UltraKey no longer has to initialize QuickTime at startup, the program starts faster.

UltraKey is still fully installed on the computer, so no Internet access is required. The local browser is used only to open browser files located within the application.


How To Update Your Copy of UltraKey

The QuickTime-free UltraKey only applies to Windows users. There is also a new UltraKey for Macintosh that addresses a minor problem with Mac OSX 10.11.

To update Windows or Mac, you must of course own a license for UltraKey 6.

You do not have to remove UltraKey, but you can remove QuickTime from your PC using the Remove QuickTime link on the Windows menu, or use the standard Add/Remove Programs capability Windows provides. Before removing QuickTime, make sure this does not compromise any other applications that may be using QuickTime.

Download the latest UltraKey setup using the same link you were provided when you purchased an UltraKey License. This was provided in an email. Recent purchasers should log into their www.bytesoflearning.com account, click the portrait symbol icon at the upper right and choose My Account. Then click My Software and click Download.

If you have owned UltraKey for several years and do not have your license registered on our web site, please send a copy of your order confirmation to with a request to set up your account on our web site along with your license key and download link.

NOTE FOR SCHOOLS WITH HOME USE LICENSES: Custom installers for the new release of UltraKey 6, which are provided on special school download pages, will be posted by March 20. In the meantime, any installation of UltraKey can be updated using the standard download, even if the installation has a custom configuration.


Why We Lament the Departure from QuickTime

When it was first released in the 90s, QuickTime delivered high-quality cross-platform multimedia capability to Macintosh and Windows. Bytes of Learning used this capability to provide high-quality video inside UltraKey 4. UltraKey 4 was the first and possibly the only instructional program to offer virtual reality exploration as a learning methodology, thanks to QuickTime.

While QuickTime is still a part of the Mac OSX and iOS systems, most people do not understand its history or the full potential of the original QuickTime technology. QuickTime is actually a programmable media playing environment and system enhancement, with capabilities far beyond any other media player.

QuickTime had a lot more to offer to the Windows platform than playing movies. However, that is about the extent to which it was ever used on Windows. Given that reality, it is no wonder that Apple concluded they were only competing with Windows Media Player.

Had the full potential of QuickTime been exploited, a very different story could have unfolded. Our lament is less about the title or technology, and more about the missed opportunity that QuickTime offered on the Windows platform.


Art Willer, M.Ed., President of Bytes of Learning

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