Finally! A Parent Beats the Kids at the Davis Annual Keyboard Challenge

April 18, 2017 by Art Willer #keyboarding typing competition challenge Davis School District0

At this year's Davis School District Annual Keyboard Challenge, a parent has finally proven victorious with 98 net words per minute, topping this year's overall grade 6 champion, who registered 94 net words per minute. Parents have been invited to challenge the kids for the past 5 years, and this is the first year one of them has typed faster than the kids!

Davis School District shows its value for keyboarding skill and its pride in its students by operating the Annual Keyboard Challenge. You've got to see how efficiently Curriculum Supervisor Holly Handy and her teaching team operate this event. Fifty-eight schools compete and they are in and out in two hours!

Bytes of Learning proudly sponsors the annual Keyboard Challenge, alongside the Horizon Credit Union of the Salt Lake area. The District has proven resourceful, getting sponsors to fund modest prizes for ten winners per grade, plus an overall team winner.

Davis School District uses UltraKey throughout its elementary grades. UltraKey performs the competition testing and recording at the Challenge. However, the congratulations belong to Holly Handy and her effective implementation approach, a wonderful team of typing teachers who constantly improve their trade, and the fantastic kids who surprise the District every year with their typing excellence.

Want to operate your own Keyboard Challenge? We welcome your contact.

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I would like to give you Holly Handy's contact information but her excellence in implementing keyboarding and other curriculum innovations, has earned Holly a new position at Davis School District.

Congratulations, Holly Handy! Thanks for your contribution to education, and best wishes for the future.


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