Homeschools have lots to say about UltraKey Online!

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Bytes of Learning was thrilled when The Old Schoolhouse suggested their Homeschool Review Crew test UltraKey Online with their children. We were blown away, getting over 90 positive reviews!

We received excellent feedback, suggestions, student testimonials, and some terrific photos that were really a delight to see.

Parents remarked how much their kids enjoyed the program. Many parents contrasted the fun of using UltraKey Online, with the boredom they remembered from their own typing classes.

Many reviews praised the clear instruction and steady progress of the lessons, which helped students build confidence. Both students and teachers praised the animated posture videos and stretch break reminders.

Homeschool families also wrote that UltraKey Online aligned with their values. It encourages students to learn at their own pace and to set new goals for themselves, when they are ready.

Parents who were former typing teachers appreciated the mastery the skill checks developed, and the sense of achievement certificates gave the students. Comprehensive and easy-to-read reports were another favorite. One parent commented that all typing programs check for errors, but UltraKey breaks down the exact issues her son was having.

Initially, some parents criticized the program for asking students to type capitals before the Shift key had been taught. They were very pleased to learn that UltraKey Online presents all language with correct punctuation, but does not mark for capitalization before it is taught.

Whenever an issue was encountered, parents were pleased with the timely response they got from Bytes of Learning.

Reviewers encouraged new users to get familiar with all the program's options and elements. From the management dashboard, parents can review student progress and customize the program to their children's goals and needs.

The parent's great postings on Facebook shared joyous moments and photos, letting the whole instructional community benefit. 

See the reviews and pictures for yourself, on the UltraKey Facebook page! A few highlights appear below...

“This program is by far the best one that I have used. Other programs teach the keyboard really fast and expect you to then type a passage within a short amount of time. This program goes slow and actually teaches to learn. I haven't gotten frustrated and have actually had fun learning how to type. My progress may be slow but my progress reports constantly show improvement which means that I am doing well."           
~Homeschool Student, Age 11

“I was really impressed with UltraKey, … This goes above and beyond any program we’ve used before, and I’ve been homeschooling for 15 years.”                      
~Kelly, Homeschool Teacher

“…we have seen Ryan excel in his typing skills.  He is now typing 65 words per minute without any mistakes!  I couldn't believe it. What a huge improvement.  He is looking forward to getting better with each goal he makes for himself.”                                                                                                                                
~Betty, Homeschool Teacher

“I think UltraKey Online would be good for people who are learning, people who are just having fun, and people who are just starting keyboarding.  I give UltraKey a good review!”             
~Homeschool Student, Age 7

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