UltraKey Online: New Looks, New Tools

October 22, 2018 by Art Willer #UltraKey Online, appearance, Quick View, Quick Links, Custom Content0

UltraKey Online build 184 provides a bigger "wow" in its web-based presentation than ever before.

Plus -- a fabulous new way to see how your district, schools, and students are doing, all at a glance!


NEW! Graphics and Presentation

We have polished every graphic, centered the presentation, and harmonized the whole look.

The effect is really satisfying.

Example 1: An aquatic background, dark skin tone, and a large-letter keyboard.

First example of new look for UltraKey Online

Example 2: A playful background, light skin tone, and a color-coded keyboard.

Second example showing all new graphics.

UltraKey Online provides many display variations including skin tone, see-through hands, keyboard type, color-coding and background.


NEW! Quick Tools

A district tech director asked for a birds-eye view of the district, schools, classes and students.

He remarked that the UltraKey Online dashboard is already a "huge" feature!

He said it would be even better if teachers could get the latest class results as soon as they arrived at the dashboard, especially when the teacher only has a moment or two.

Quick View (below) shows administrators and teachers how their schools, classes, and students are doing, within seconds!

Quickview can be set to display as soon as the teacher goes to the dashboard.

Quick Links lists every function the manager needs, each with a link that takes the manager there in an instant.

Teachers and managers can set Quick Links or Quick View as their dashboard landing screen.


Custom content and content assignments are next!

Administrators and teachers will soon be able to bring any content into their typing curriculum. Teachers will be able to preview, assign, and un-assign typing practice and tests.

Perfect for theme-based curriculums, and job-skill development.


Is there something you would really like to see in UltraKey Online?

Please let us know now! Our phone line at 1-800-465-6428 is always open. You can also send us your ideas in writing. It is easiest to log into your www.bytesoflearning.com account first, and start a conversation. Please tell us what you want.


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