Zoombinis Need Children’s Thinking Skills!

May 26, 2016 by Art Willer #Zoombinis problem-solving logical thinking0

Zoombinis characters


The hard-working, peace-loving Zoombinis have had their homeland over-run by bloats!

So the Zoombinis have recently sheltered at Bytes of Learning, awaiting children to guide them to a new homeland.

What makes the cliffs sneeze?

What does the pizza-bloat really like today?

How do the bloats decide which mountain pass is blocked?

All these questions have the Zoombinis at their wits end, and they need your children’s help!

Zoombinis are the creation of the Technology in Education Research Center (TERC). The software is available through Bytes of Learning because it provides wholesome fun, and it helps children hone their logical thinking skills. Great for team play too!

Zoombinis software licenses start at $25 per station with a 5-game storage capability.

Watch the Zoombinis story at: Introducing the Zoombinis

Purchase at: Zoombinis Details and Licenses

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