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UltraKey Online is Here!

UltraKey Online is here! Request a preview or order today. All subscriptions ordered now, don't end until summer 2017. Order by April 30, and save 10%!

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Why Typing Technique is So Important!

Experienced touch-typing teachers place the greatest emphasis on typing technique.

They do this before emphasizing speed or accuracy, and they avoid relying on games or moving on to advanced activities before the fundamentals are taught.

Why? Keep reading.

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International Typing Assessment Standards: What They Are and Why UltraKey Follows Them!

When it operates its annual Keyboard Challenge, the Davis School District sets UltraKey to Modified International Typing Contest Rules (MITCRs) because the MITCRs provide a single typing score that can be compared from person to person and situation to situation.

The MITCRs define a standard score that can be compared with performances anywhere in the world. Frankly, we are yet to find any keyboarding tutor or other software-based typing assessment that provides a standard score of any kind, other than UltraKey. This article explains what needs to happen to determine a standard score.

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