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Finally! A Parent Beats the Kids at the Davis Annual Keyboard Challenge

At this year's Davis School District Annual Keyboard Challenge, a parent has finally proven victorious with 98 net words per minute, topping this year's overall grade 6 champion, who registered 94 net words per minute. Parents have been invited to challenge the kids for the past 5 years, and this is the first year one of them has typed faster than the kids!

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UltraKey Online Enhanced for iPad Use

The latest release of UltraKey Online, build 85, has been released for all current subscribers, and trial subscribers, automatically adapting to the iPad platform.

In the process of research, Bytes of Learning has added other useful elements to the UltraKey Online application now playing on Mac, Windows, Chromebook and iPad devices.

The UltraKey Online experience is even more awesome!

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QuickTime-free UltraKey 6 Released for Windows

Bytes of Learning is pleased to have posted a QuickTime-free version of UltraKey 6 for Windows build The revised program can be downloaded without charge, by any customer who owns an UltraKey 6 License.

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