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Zoombinis Need Children’s Thinking Skills!

The hard-working, peace-loving Zoombinis have had their homeland over-run by bloats!

So the Zoombinis have recently sheltered at Bytes of Learning, awaiting children to guide them to a new homeland.

Multi-computer licenses available!

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QuickTime-Safe Installers Released for UltraKey for Windows

Continuing from our earlier blog about the QuickTime vulnerability issue, this article announces our immediate response with new QuickTime-Safe UltraKey Windows installers. It explains why the change is sufficient to protect our customers. It tells our customers how they can restore security to their computers, without losing the benefits of UltraKey or QuickTime.

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QuickTime Vulnerability and UltraKey

A recent editorial telling everybody to remove QuickTime, has a number of customers asking us about UltraKey and the fact it uses QuickTime. This blog discusses the QuickTime vulnerability, explains how you can remove the vulnerability without disabling UltraKey, and shares our plans for moving away from QuickTime.

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