Renewing Your School, Multi-school, District or Regional Subscription

Welcome to Bytes of Learning. Renewals are the biggest compliment we get! Always let us know if we can ever improve the experience for you.

To renew your subscription, please purchase a subscription as if you were initiating a brand new subscription. For example, if you have a school subscription for 200 users, and you want to renew the same number for another year, purchase a one-year school subscription for 200 users.

When we see your purchase, we will renew the subscription for you through our dashboard. You only need to continue enjoying the software!

We are designing an even more convenient method of renewal, so visit here again next year.

Tip: The more seats you purchase, the lower the price depending on the range of seats you are purchasing. It can cost less to buy 200 seats, than it does to buy 190 seats, because of the price break at 200 seats. If you are close to the next price range for seats, try the minimum for the next level of seats before you check out.

To purchase, please go to: Products

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The Bytes of Learning team.