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Looking to improve your typing and productivity?

UltraKey Online provides clear, voice-supported instruction with amazing animation and video. Includes personal goal setting, adjustable preferences, progress reports, and typing certificates. Performs up to 5-minute timed typing tests, using international typing assessment standards. Compatible with browsers on Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, and iPads. HTML5. No plugins.

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Item: UltraKey Online 1-Year Personal Subscription ($19.95)

UltraKey Online continues the UltraKey tradition of providing effective and motivating instruction to users, empowering them to meet all their typing needs, and providing great repots and certificates in the process.

Touch-typing has to be taught, which is why UltraKey Online uses crystal-clear animated instruction to convey every important technique.

UltraKey Online offers exciting new features including personal settings with over 70 background selections among others! Once the basics are in place, the exciting new Game Zone provides typing fun, developing reading and writing skills and improving typing fluency.

Common Questions
  • How does UltraKey Online compare with other products?

    Deliberate: UltraKey Online systematically develops typing fundamentals, leaving little doubt about how typing needs to be done.

    Efficient: The curriculum is clear and straightforward. users move forward at an amazing pace. Not a moment of precious group or personal time is wasted.

    Developmental: Keyboarding is the ability to communicate through the keyboard. Accordingly, UltraKey Online develops the skill with a clear progression from isolated techniques through to whole-communication practice.

    Adaptable: UltraKey Online adapts to the individual, adjusts to suit learning styles, and preferences..

    Rewarding: Users love UltraKey Online because it challenges them, proceeds at their personal pace, and ultimately makes them winners.

    Powerful: UltraKey Online provides the ultimate in reporting, user tracking and custom control. You are completely in charge. You have the ongoing performance information you need, to make informed decisions about your learning.

    Reliable: UltraKey Online works day in and day out. When you need help, the same people who make the software are there to provide it.

  • Is UltraKey Online suitable for mature users?

    UltraKey Online is effective for all ages because it has no childish elements, adapts to whatever ability you have, and proceeds at your personal pace.

    UltraKey Online begins by providing a goal assessment that determines how proficiently you type now. UltraKey Online sets a goal that can be adjusted for more or less difficulty.

    The UltraKey Online instruction meets your goal by instructing you in correct technique and systematically building your performance. Even if you have good typing skills to begin with, UltraKey Online helps you reach new levels of proficiency.

    UltraKey Online never speaks down to anybody. It supports every mature user from low-functioning to high.

    For all the above reasons, UltraKey Online is a popular choice for adult instruction in colleges, correction services, libraries, career development centers, and other facilities where younger and older adults are served.

  • Does UltraKey Online install any plug-ins or require any other capability?

    UltraKey Online requires no plug-ins. It conforms to html5 and www3 standards. It operates on every major browser, and on every computing platform.

    It is responsive to different screen configurations from small to large, vertical to horizontal. So it is perfect for iPads and Chromebooks.

  • Does UltraKey Online work on Chromebooks and iPads?

    Yes! iPad users need to have a full keyboard to benefit from UltraKey Online instruction. UltraKey Online is not designed to teach tap-typing, which is a very different skill.

  • How can we evaluate UltraKey Online?

    Please purchase with confidence. Should you have any questions or concerns, we hope you will contact us through our Sales & Service link for help with the product. You have 7 days in which to report a problem. If we can't satisfy your needs, you will have your purchase refunded.

  • How do I buy a subscription for UltraKey Online?

    You can buy UltraKey Online at our web store right now.

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