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UltraKey Online provides clear, voice-supported instruction with amazing animation and video. Many new features such as the Game Zone. This single-school subscription includes powerful management tools with no limit on managers and classes. Compatible with browsers on Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, and iPads. HTML5. No plugins.

Priced by number of students, and number of years. Calculate a price per student, by choosing the price range, number of years, and number of students (Qty).

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UltraKey Online continues the UltraKey tradition of providing effective and motivating instruction to students, empowering teachers to meet all their students' needs, and providing powerful management tools for teachers.

UltraKey Online utilizes all the media capabilities available for learning, including video, animation, and voice-supported instruction. The illustration shows video of a real UltraKey graduate flying over the keys, while voice actor Tina Meazell speaks about key points to observe.

Image shows video playing on <i><em>UltraKey Online</em></i>.

Touch-typing has to be taught, which is why UltraKey Online uses crystal-clear animated instruction to convey every important technique.

UltraKey Online offers exciting new features including directed language arts activities managed by the teacher! Once the basics are in place, the exciting new Game Zone provides typing fun, developing reading and writing skills and improving typing fluency.

The management interface is an easy-to-use, but powerful administration system. With the single-school subscription, you can create classes, enroll students and transfer students at about 10,000 student records per hour. Unlimited class manager accounts are easily created with a clear and simple interface.

Teachers have a wide range of tools for reviewing student progress, adjusting class-wide options, determining individual student settings, and setting goals across the board, or on an individual basis.


Common Questions
  • How does UltraKey Online compare with other products?

    Deliberate: UltraKey Online systematically develops typing fundamentals, leaving little doubt about the way typing needs to be done.

    Efficient: The curriculum is clear and straightforward. Students move forward at an amazing pace. Not a moment of precious class or personal time is wasted.

    Developmental: Keyboarding is the ability to communicate through the keyboard. Accordingly, UltraKey Online develops the skill with a clear progression from isolated techniques through to whole-communication practice.

    Adaptable: UltraKey Online adapts to the individual, adjusts to suit teaching styles, conforms to class needs, and customizes to complement the curriculum. UltraKey Online also has the unique capability of performing official typings tests using professional content you import.

    Rewarding: Students love UltraKey Online because it challenges them, proceeds at their personal pace, and ultimately makes them winners. New guided writing activities, and the Game Zone make UltraKey Online better than ever!

    Powerful: The UltraKey Online learning management system provides the ultimate in reporting, student tracking and custom control. You are completely in charge. You have the ongoing performance information you need, to make informed decisions for your students.

    Reliable: UltraKey Online works day in and day out. When you need help, the same people who make the software are there to provide it.

  • What ages is UltraKey Online suited for?

    UltraKey Online is rated and proven effective with students age 8 to adult. In practice, the program is used as young as age 5.

    UltraKey Online spans a broad range of ages for these reasons...

    • All instruction is voice-supported.
    • All skills are demonstrated using clear graphical animation.
    • Different interfaces are offered for age and preference.
    • The program is entirely self-paced.
    • Challenge levels and practice weight are individualized.
    • Numerous options can be set at the class and individual level.
    • Practice content is easily customized and assigned. (future feature)
    • The Game Zone offers levels of challenge suited to any maturity.

    To see the UltraKey desktop format in action with younger students, view the Davis District Keyboarding Challenge, or the video Using UltraKey with Young Children.

    We are happy to discuss your specific situation. Please contact us.

  • Is UltraKey Online suitable for mature students?

    UltraKey Online is effective for all ages because it has no childish elements, adapts to whatever ability the student has, and proceeds at the student's personal pace.

    UltraKey Online begins by providing a goal assessment that determines how proficiently the student types now. UltraKey Online sets a goal for the student that can be adjusted for more or less difficulty.

    The UltraKey Online instruction meets each individual's goal by instructing the student in correct technique and systematically building the student's performance. Even when the person has good typing skills to begin with, UltraKey Online helps the student reach new levels of proficiency.

    UltraKey Online is never condescending. It supports every mature student from low-functioning to high.

    For all the above reasons, UltraKey Online is a popular choice for adult instruction in colleges, correction services, libraries, career development centers and other facilities where younger and older adults are served.

  • Can students use UltraKey Online at home?

    Yes! And we make it easy.

    We are surprised to hear that some online instruction systems limit logins to the subscriber sites. That defeats the purpose of having online instruction as far as we are concerned!

    UltraKey Online provides friendly secure login at school, at home, and anywhere else a student may be. For security reasons, we cannot provide login details here, but trust us. It's really simple and typical of the industry.

  • Does UltraKey Online install any plug-ins or require any other capability?

    To make sure UltraKey Online serves enterprise needs, we have partnered with several major school districts.

    UltraKey Online requires no plug-ins. It conforms to html5 and www3 standards.

    It operates on every major browser, and on every computing platform.

    It is responsive to different screen configurations from small to large, vertical to horizontal. So it is perfect for iPads and Chromebooks.

  • Does UltraKey Online work on Chromebooks and iPads?

    Absolutely! We knew going in that iPad and Chromebook compatibility would be important to our customers.

    iPad users need to have a full keyboard to benefit from UltraKey Online instruction. UltraKey Online is not designed to teach tap-typing, which is a very different skill.

  • How much do subscriptions cost?

    Subscriptions are sold by the student seat (users). Subscribers may create as many administration, school manager, and class manager accounts as they need, without affecting their subscription. The price is based solely on students.

    Price per student per year, varies with the number of students and the number of years purchased at a time.

    Since UltraKey Online can accommodate very large districts and enterprises, smaller subscribers are welcome to pool their subscriptions with other subscribers, so they can achieve more efficient pricing (see Multi-school subscription pricing). One party must act as the primary subscriber. Just let us know what you have in mind.

    The product purchase area above, lets you immediately determine a price by selecting the range of students you will purchase, and the number of users. The price per user for the period of subscription immediately appears. Enter the exact number of users you require, and click Add to Cart.

    This site works in USD currency only.

    USD Price List

  • How are user seats counted and re-used?

    The value of any subscription seat is deemed to be used up when a student uses the account in the current subscription year.

    In a given year of subscription, no account can be cleared and used by a second student.

    If a user account is created, deleted and purged, without being used in the current subscription year, the unused seat is returned to the subscription, so a new account can be created. As a result, schools don't consume seats for students who may have moved before they used their account.

    If the school deletes and purges student accounts that were used last year but not in the current year, the seats are returned to the subscription. This means that schools can delete old accounts any time, without using their subscription to keep them in play.

    If you purchase several years of use at one time, subscription usage is governed by the anniversary of the subscription. For example, an account not used since the last anniversary, can be deleted and purged so another student can be enrolled.

  • When does a subscription start and end?

    In case our typical start and end don't suit your needs, please let us know what you need and why.

    Since most of our customers are school, our subscriptions end each summer on June 30, with a grace period extending to August 31. Alternatively, you can choose an expiry of December 31.

  • I used UltraKey at another school. Is it true Bytes of Learning provides a loyalty credit?

    You have that correct. When you ask for a quote, be sure to tell us much as you can. Loyalty credits vary with the new license or subscription you are buying.

  • We have an UltraKey desktop license. Can we get a credit for it?

    At Bytes of Learning, we have a no-customer-left-behind policy. Even if your school had a license for UltraKey 1, issued in 1989, you would get a credit against your first year of purchase. Usually about $50.

    If your school purchased within the past year before purchasing a subscription to UltraKey Online, it would get a 100% credit on its purchase up to but not exceeding the cost of a first subscription. You can maximize your benefit by purchasing more than one year of subscription.

    Please tell us your needs in terms of users, and we will happily provide a quotation. Be sure to tell us what UltraKey license you now own?

  • How can we evaluate UltraKey Online?

    Before you buy, we invite you to request a personal preview of UltraKey Online, and a trial period that meets your evaluation needs.

    We encourage customers to assume they will continue using the program, so why not get started with the trial!

    All trial subscriptions are fully enabled for as many managers and students as you want.

    Customers typically start with a trial subscription, purchase, and carry on using the program.

  • How do I buy a subscription for UltraKey Online?

    You can buy UltraKey Online at our web store right now.

    We accept purchase orders from schools and school districts by email, fax and phone. See our contact details.

    UltraKey Online is available at all leading school software resellers.

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