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UltraKey 6 is the best typing coach you can get because it clearly demonstrates each new skill and rapidly builds typing technique. With 8 hours use, 20 minutes a day, you will be touch-typing better than you ever thought you could. Macintosh and Windows. Up to 3 installations. Not licensed for schools or companies - please see school and enterprise licenses.

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See why UltraKey is ranked #1 by TopTenREVIEWS.

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TopTenReviews created the above video based on UltraKey 6 build 6.2. UltraKey has continued to evolve since then, holding its number one ranking. For more current previews of UltraKey, see:

UltraKey Introduction for Windows    UltraKey Introduction for Macintosh

To learn touch-typing, you need software that is effective, genuinely motivates you, lets you control the instruction, reports results, and -- above all -- works reliably!

Adults enjoy <i><em>UltraKey</em></i> just as much as children do.

UltraKey is the learner's choice...

• Sets a personal typing goal and proceeds at your personal pace.
• Effective for any level of skill, and with any learning needs.
• Options to suit your preferences and learning needs.
• Provides effective instruction using voice, graphic animation, and video.
• Provides remedial help when problems are identified.
• Praises as your typing improves, and congratulates you when goals are achieved.
• Import occupation-related content for practice and testing.
• Administer up to 5-minute typing tests.
• Generate certifiable reports based on international typing assessment standards.
• Free phone, web and email support from the people who create UltraKey.

Common Questions
  • How does UltraKey compare with other products?

    Efficient: The curriculum is clear and straightforward, and users move forward at an amazing pace. Not a moment of precious personal time is wasted.

    Adaptable: UltraKey adapts to the individual, and customizes to complement the situation. UltraKey has the unique capability of performing official typing tests using professional content you import.

    Powerful: The UltraKey learning management system provides the ultimate in reporting, user tracking and custom control. You are completely in charge! You have the ongoing performance information you need to make informed decisions about your learning.

    Reliable: UltraKey works day in and day out. When you need help, the same people who make the software, are there to provide it.

    Rewarding: Users prefer UltraKey because it challenges them, proceeds at their personal pace, and ultimately makes them winners!

  • How does UltraKey adapt to user needs?

    UltraKey spans a broad range of needs for these reasons...

    • All instruction is voice-supported.
    • All skills are demonstrated using clear graphical animation.
    • Different interfaces are offered for suitability and preference.
    • The program is entirely self-paced.
    • Speed and accuracy challenge levels are individualized.
    • Numerous options can be set.
    • Practice content is easily customized and assigned.

    We are happy to discuss your specific situation. Please contact us.

  • Is UltraKey suitable for mature users?

    UltraKey is effective for all ages because it has no childish elements, adapts to whatever ability the user has, and proceeds at the user's personal pace.

    UltraKey begins by providing a challenge level assessment that determines how proficiently the user types now. UltraKey then sets a personal goal for the user that can be adjusted for more or less difficulty.

    The UltraKey instruction is designed to meet the individual challenge level by instructing the user in correct technique, and systematically building the user's performance. Even when the person has good typing skills to begin with, UltraKey is effective at helping the user reach new levels of proficiency.

    UltraKey is never condescending and it supports every mature user from low-functioning to high.

    For all the above reasons, UltraKey is a popular choice for adult instruction in colleges, correction services, libraries, community centers and other facilities where adults are served.

  • What computers does UltraKey 6 work on?

    UltraKey 6 is carefully engineered for operation in the broadest possible range of environments.

    • Mac OS X computers 10.6 to current.

    • Windows computers Vista, Windows 7 through Windows 11.
    Netbooks - automatically adapts to screen size.
    • Standard app servers - Novell, Windows, Mac OS X.
    • Terminal servers - NComputing, Microsoft Multipoint, Citrix, others.

  • Can I try UltraKey before I buy?

    We do not provide trial licenses to individuals but we guarantee their satisfaction with UltraKey or their money is refunded. Please let us know within 7 days of purchase and give us a chance to address whatever the issue may be. Otherwise, we will happily refund your money.

  • How do I buy a family license for UltraKey?

    You can buy UltraKey right now by adding this item to your cart, and checking out.

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