Bytes of Learning eGift Card

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Helping a grandchild? Want to help a school? Send this eGift card to any person or organization! The recipient may use the electronic credit on any purchase at the Bytes of Learning store. Non-refundable. May not be re-sold.

Custom values available.

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$9.99 - $1,250.00
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An eGift card is like a traditional gift card you purchase for a loved one or someone you want to donate to, including a school or organization. The only difference is that the eGift card is an electronic card number delivered instantly to the person you purchase it for.

The party you name, receives an email from Bytes of Learning, providing them an eGift card number. You can send the gift anonymously or identify yourself. You can also add a message.

The card recipient may apply the eGift card to any purchase at the Bytes of Learning store. If money is left over after the purchase, the balance of the card may be used on any other Bytes of Learning purchase.

Like a regular gift card, the eGift card may not be refunded nor can it be re-sold. The eGift card never expires.

We offer a range of values, some of which precisely match certain purchases, taxes excluded. You can request any custom amount just by asking (see below).

Order an eGift Card for any amount!

Let us create an eGift card in an amount you specify. Let us know the amount, and we'll set up your special purchase. We'll notify you when it is ready, so you can buy it.

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