Keyboarding Posters

Created and published by Bytes of Learning

These bright and attractive posters remind students about excellent typing technique.

Perfect for the class or lab!

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These attractive posters come in a package folded to 8" X 11" for convenient mailing. When unfolded, each poster's side is 11" X 17".

Each set consists of one posture basics poster that can be posted separately.

A second poster contains the Windows keyboard layout on one side, and the Macintosh keyboard layout on the other. You post whichever side of the poster is appropriate for the lab.

The best value is found in the poster 3-pack, which offers you three-sets-for-two pricing!

If your district is interested in a large-quantity run, please ask us.


Poster 1: Posture Basics


Poster 2 (Front side) Windows Keyboard

Poster 2 (Back side) Macintosh Keyboard


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