Peek-proof Keyboard Covers

Learning to type by touch is about developing the reflex actions that take the fingers to the keys without looking.

SpeedSkins are flexible peek-proof covers that fit keyboards like a glove preventing students from seeing the key labels. See Details for model selection guide.

Available for all models of keyboards, including Chromebooks.

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Not familiar with SpeedSkins? Watch this informing video.


Match your keyboard to the correct SpeedSkin model:
     Computer Keyboard Type:    Matching SpeedSkin Model:
     Chromebook, shallow keys    Ultra-Slim
     Desktop PC or Mac, deep keys    Desktop
     Laptop, slanted key sides    Ultra-Slim
     Laptop, shallow keys    Ultra-Slim
     Older AppPro    Desktop
     iMac, early generation deep keys    Desktop
     iMac, aluminum sleek shallow keys    Ultra-Slim
     G4 iMac, deep keys    Desktop
     G5 iMac, deep keys    Desktop
     G4 iBook laptop, shallow keys    Ultra-Slim
     MacBook Pro laptop, shallow keys    Ultra-Slim
     MacBook laptop, shallow keys    Ultra-Slim
     MacBook Air laptop, shallow keys    Ultra-Slim


If you are not sure what is the correct SpeedSkin model for your computers, ask us and we will confirm the right model with the SpeedSkin manufacturers.

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