UltraKey Home Use Subscription

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Customers using permanent desktop licenses for UltraKey, often want students to have at-home access. UltraKey Online is one solution. The UltraKey Home Use Subscription is the answer for schools keeping annual outlays to a minimum.

Families receive direct toll-free support.

Minimum 150 home users per annum.

Choose the number of students (Qty).

Item: UltraKey 6 1-Year Home Use Subscription ($0.99)

When a home use subscription is purchased, we provide a letter to be sent home to parents. The letter instructs parents to visit a custom download page at the Bytes of Learning web site, where they download the UltraKey software for Mac or Windows or both. The software is custom-prepared so it installs exactly what is needed for the child to start UltraKey and log into his or her school-based or Cloud-based UltraKey record.

Bytes of Learning has been successfully providing services to parents for many years, and the process has been refined so parents are not presented with any technical challenge.

To keep problems and school calls to a minimum, Bytes of Learning provides technical support directly to the parents. We can do this because the actual support requirement is minimal.

When you order, we will contact you to discuss the process and to determine where your UltraKey records are stored. The installations can be configured to connect to a school-based database, or the UltraKey Cloud.

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