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Image shows UltraKey for Windows


Bytes of Learning is pleased to have donated an UltraKey 5-station license to your organization, through TechSoup or one of its international affiliates. Please consider all the information provided here. Download links are at the bottom of the page.

Things you should know about our donation...

>> UltraKey is ranked #1 by leading industry reviewers.
>> The license you have received normally sells for USD$212.50. We have received no money from your purchase.
>> For central record keeping, you can add a license for the UltraKey Data Server software to your 5-station license.
>> As a qualifying NPO, we can provide additional UltraKey licensing at 40% off the normal price. Just ask for a quote.
>> We would love to share your story, so let us know about your work and the benefits of UltraKey ... photos always welcome!

To download the UltraKey software, please click the edition you have licensed.

UltraKey Setup Guide

North American Edition     United Kingdom Edition    Australia/New Zealand Edition