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TopTenReviews created the above video based on UltraKey 6 build 6.2. UltraKey has continued to evolve since then, holding its number one ranking.

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UltraKey 6 successfully teaches typing because it clearly shows users how to keyboard, genuinely motivates them, lets instructors direct the instruction, reports results, and -- above all -- works reliably!

Adults enjoy <i><em>UltraKey</em></i> just as much as children do.

UltraKey is the learner's choice...

• Sets a personal typing goal and proceeds at the user's pace.
• Additional options to suit children's ages and learning needs.
• Provides effective instruction using voice, graphic animation, and video.
• Provides remedial help when problems are identified.
• Praises the child as typing improves, and congratulates users when goals are achieved.
• Genuinely helps children learn, so they can proudly show their parents.

UltraKey is the instructor's choice...

• Clear, effective instruction in all aspects of touch-typing.
• Complete record keeping system with detailed reporting.
• Set preferences and import practice content to suit class and individual needs.
• Users can log in from home as though they are still at the office (cloud service required).
• Import occupation-related content for practice and testing.
• Administer up to 5-minute typing tests.
• Generate certifiable reports based on international typing assessment standards.
• Free phone, web and email support from the people who create UltraKey.

UltraKey is the company's choice...

• Effective for any level of skill, and with any learning needs.
• Record system manages thousands of users. Host your own or use the UltraKey Cloud.
• The company handles administration while instructors manage the learning.
• Software is engineered for easy deployment and low maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • How does UltraKey compare with other products?

    Efficient: The curriculum is clear and straightforward, and users move forward at an amazing pace. Not a moment of precious group or personal time is wasted.

    Adaptable: UltraKey adapts to the individual, adjusts to suit instructor styles, conforms to group needs, and customizes to complement the situation. UltraKey has the unique capability of performing official typing tests using professional content you import.

    Powerful: The UltraKey learning management system provides the ultimate in reporting, user tracking and custom control. You are completely in charge! You have the ongoing performance information you need to make informed decisions for your users.

    Reliable: UltraKey works day in and day out. When you need help, the same people who make the software, are there to provide it.

    Rewarding: Users prefer UltraKey because it challenges them, proceeds at their personal pace, and ultimately makes them winners!

    Unique: UltraKey is cloud enabled, thanks to the research and development conducted at Bytes of Learning. Wherever UltraKey is installed, it can communicate with its cloud-based records, whether hosted by the enterprise, or hosted by Bytes of Learning.

  • What does cloud enabled mean?

    Being cloud enabled refers to the UltraKey client's ability to communicate with an UltraKey record server, whether the records are hosted within the site, or they are located on the Internet.

    UltraKey desktop software is cloud enabled because it communicates with the cloud, whether it is on a local server, on a district server, or on the Bytes of Learning cloud.

    Every UltraKey license, 5 stations or more, includes the UltraKey Data Server software, which can be installed on any PC computer or Windows-based server. The UltraKey Data Server software is small but mighty, easily managing records for over ten thousand users at a time. Alternatively, UltraKey license owners can subscribe for UltraKey Cloud Service at a modest cost.

    Even when the server software is housed within an enterprise, communication can be securely enabled. Users who have home copies of UltraKey, can seamlessly log into their company-based record as if they are still at the office. No browser is needed because the communication is conducted by the UltraKey program.

    This unique UltraKey capability means that instructors and users can benefit from UltraKey instruction no matter where they are.

  • How does UltraKey adapt to user needs?

    UltraKey spans a broad range of needs for these reasons...

    • All instruction is voice-supported.
    • All skills are demonstrated using clear graphical animation.
    • Different interfaces are offered for suitability and preference.
    • The program is entirely self-paced.
    • Speed and accuracy challenge levels are individualized.
    • Numerous options can be set at the group and individual level.
    • Practice content is easily customized and assigned.

    We are happy to discuss your specific situation. Please contact us.

  • Is UltraKey suitable for mature users?

    UltraKey is effective for all ages because it has no childish elements, adapts to whatever ability the user has, and proceeds at the user's personal pace.

    UltraKey begins by providing a challenge level assessment that determines how proficiently the user types now. UltraKey then sets a personal goal for the user that can be adjusted for more or less difficulty.

    The UltraKey instruction is designed to meet the individual challenge level by instructing the user in correct technique, and systematically building the user's performance. Even when the person has good typing skills to begin with, UltraKey is effective at helping the user reach new levels of proficiency.

    UltraKey is never condescending and it supports every mature user from low-functioning to high.

    For all the above reasons, UltraKey is a popular choice for adult instruction in colleges, correction services, libraries, community centers and other facilities where adults are served.

  • Can UltraKey be used without Internet connections, in locations such as prisons?

    UltraKey has been adopted by the Education Departments of the Minnesota, Oregon, and Pennsylvania State Departments of Correction. This is because UltraKey meets the very unique needs of the corrections environment, including no Internet access and high security. UltraKey is approved by the Federal Department of Corrections. It is in use in many education facilities for work rehabilitation.

    See Why UltraKey Belongs Behind Bars!

  • How can UltraKey meet the enterprise's needs?

    UltraKey has a powerful record management system that lets you centralize your data management while providing instructional control of UltraKey to the departments, instructors and users. The UltraKey system generates enterprise-wide, class-wide and individual reports so auditors, administrators, and instructors are fully informed about the curriculum presented, and the performance achieved.

    The latest generation of UltraKey offers 12 interface themes designed to appeal to a wide range of users. The adaptive and user-paced nature of the program, mean that UltraKey can provide core instruction for any user in the system, regardless of their education or skill.

    Numerous options allow instructors to easily adapt UltraKey to their own teaching styles and their users.

    UltraKey includes many supports and adaptations for special needs users too -- all assignable at the individual level.

    When UltraKey is used at home, users log into their record the same way they do when they are at work, and the experience is just as seamless.


    UltraKey Cloud for Record Keeping

    Home Use Subscriptions for UltraKey

  • How much maintenance does UltraKey need?

    Proven over three decades of use, UltraKey has a longstanding record for reliability. As important, Bytes of Learning provides immediate response whenever troubles arise.

    Whether the district hosts its own data or opts for the UltraKey Cloud, the proven data management in UltraKey ensures instructors and users are never locked out. Permission problems are a thing of the past and so are security issues.

    Bytes of Learning performs its own product research and development with enterprises specifically in mind. So the software works by design! When problems do arise, the software is excellent at reporting them on the spot.

    The UltraKey data server software and every copy of the client keeps operation logs that detail issues the software is encountering. The logs provide critical information that dramatically shortens trouble-shooting time when needed.

  • What computers and networks does UltraKey 6 work on?

    UltraKey 6 is carefully engineered for operation in the broadest possible range of environments.

    The UltraKey 6 client or program is engineered for...

    • Mac OS X computers 10.6 to current.
    • Windows computers Vista, Windows 7 through Windows 11.
    Netbooks - automatically adapts to screen size.
    • Standard app servers - Novell, Windows, Mac OS X.
    • Terminal servers - NComputing, Microsoft Multipoint, Citrix, others.

    The UltraKey 6 Data Server Software is engineered for...

    • All Windows PCs or servers

    All Mac? Don't have a server? Don't have support? See UltraKey Cloud Service.

    Looking for online applications? See UltraKey Online

  • What licenses are available and how much do they cost?

    Our license options are as flexible and adaptable as UltraKey itself!

    The latest licensing options include home use subscriptions to supplement permanent licenses.

    To get the perfect fit for your needs and budget, please request a quote.

    Popular licenses can be purchased immediately at our web store. Our web store operates in USD for all visitors.

    Orders can be placed offline in major currencies using the following price list:

    Price List (USD)

  • How can we evaluate UltraKey?

    For teachers, trainers and other educational professionals - Before you buy, we invite you to request a free 30-day trial of UltraKey.

    This fully-enabled trial license will allow you to use UltraKey as if you already own it. Your UltraKey trial comes with our full technical support. When you purchase, just enter your license key and carry on with all your records and settings intact!

    New! On request, UltraKey Cloud Service is available with your trial. Cloud Service is ideal for classrooms where technical options are limited, and for situations where you want home use of UltraKey with cloud-based record keeping. Please let us know if you would like to try the Cloud Service.

    All trials are free of charge and obligation. No charges are incurred or invoices issued until you actually purchase.

    Complete our trial request form. Within one business day, we will review your request and send your free trial license and download instructions.

  • How do I buy UltraKey?

    You can buy UltraKey at our web store right now.

    We accept purchase orders on a pre-approved basis by email, fax and phone. See our contact details.

    Call 1-800-465-6428 (International ++905-947-4646).