UltraKey: The Perfect Typing Tutor for Netbooks

Image of Dell notebook.

Netbooks like the Dell model shown above, are a category of laptop computers favored for their low price, smaller size, and lighter weight. When you select software for netbooks, the software must be suited to netbook use.

UltraKey is the better choice for keyboarding instruction on netbooks because it:

• Automatically adjusts to smaller netbook screen resolutions.
• Operates with the latest operating systems.
• Functions well within limited netbook memory.
• Easily downloads to the netbook or transfers on a memory stick.
• Centrally records performance no matter where the netbook is used*.

The most unique feature of UltraKey is that it automatically configures itself to present on small netbook screens. If you are not familiar with this issue or its importance, keep reading.

Understanding the Screen-size Problem and the UltraKey Solution

UltraKey 5 illustrations are shown. UltraKey 6 has the same capabilities and more.
UltraKey appears identically on Windows and Macintosh and the features discussed here apply to both formats.

Standard Display
The illustration at right shows how UltraKey appears on a regular laptop screen, 1028 pixels wide by 768 pixels high. Netbook-1024X768.jpg
Netbook Display 1024 X 576
If UltraKey was a typical program, it would display its standard screen on a netbook. The screen does not have enough vertical space, so the user would have to scroll up and down to see the hidden elements of the display.

Some programs scale the display to fit the screen, but the result is poor. Image shows scaling result.
Netbook Display 800 X 576
If UltraKey was a typical program, it would display its standard screen as shown.

The user would see less than half the normal area of the instruction screen and would have to scroll down and right to see the hidden portion of the display.
UltraKey Solution for 800 X 576
Alternate graphics are used. Nothing is scaled.


When selecting software for netbooks, keep all these points in mind: Compatibility with latest operating systems, memory requirements, installation, storage requirements, and screen usage. UltraKey satisfies all these needs.

Please contact us to discuss how we may accommodate or answer any other questions you may have.

* Some netbooks use a static RAM drive instead of a conventional hard drive because a RAM drive has no moving parts. To keep costs down, the RAM is limited in size so program storage requirements are more critical. RAM drives also operate slightly slower, so smaller programs are more desirable.

** UltraKey uses IP-based learning management to record student performance. In a school setting, this means that netbooks can be used to provide instruction and track student performance using the netbook's Internet connection.