New! School and Home Subscriptions Available for UltraKey

The UltraKey desktop and online formats can now be licensed to schools, districts and enterprises on an annual, per-user basis. Subscriptions start with a minimum of 25 users and have no upper limit.

All subscriptions are based on the number of users. The software may be installed at school and at home. When UltraKey is installed at home, users still get full support from Bytes of Learning.

Subscription licenses apply to Windows and Macintosh formats of the software for desktop, and the online format. So schools can use the format of UltraKey that best suits their needs. For more, see UltraKey Online.

Schools and districts who own site-based permanent licenses for UltraKey now, and want to switch to subscription licensing, may qualify for upgrade credits. These customers should also see Home Use Subscriptions for UltraKey.

For pricing to match your needs, please request a quote. Feel free to add any special requests to your submission.

If you need help choosing the licensing and services you need, please contact us. We will recommend the best pricing and license model for you!